Text-to-speech from PowerPoint - Articulate Plug in - Preventing formatting issues when importing

Hello. I found that it is often faster to use the Articulate plugin for working directly on PowerPoint, but cannot use the text-to-speech feature that is available from the main Storyline interface. Any ideas on how to use text-to-speech from PowerPoint. By the way, the reason why I am trying to work directly from PPT is due to formatting issues with the slides when importing into Storyline... so a second question would be: any pointers for maintaining PPT slides format when importing to Storyline? Thanks!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jerry!

I'm happy to help! We don't currently have a text-to-speech option in Presenter 360, so I'd recommend exporting the text-to-speech from Storyline 360 and then import the audio into Presenter 360. 

Do you see an error message when trying to open the text-to-speech feature in Storyline 360? I want to fix this issue first since it sounds like you'll benefit from this feature. 

Lastly, here is a helpful article about Storyline 360: Tips for Importing Microsoft PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter Content.