Text to Speech: Live vs. Live

You can say the word two different ways. Live, or Live.

As in, "Live animals live at the zoo." (see what I did there?)

So, how do you train Matthew to say it the way you want him to? He's currently telling folks about "Live electrical equipment" but using the short i instead of the long one. Sounds super-goofy!

Is it possible to correct him?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kelly and Cheryl,

I'd also recommend using the phonetic spelling to help with this - Matthew and Joanna are great, but they're still robots at heart...or in their code. 🤖

Any way you can help them parse words further using the phonetic spelling is a good first step! 

You'll also find some other tips outlined here.

Cheryl Hoffman

David is the hero of the day!  Two i's in "Liive" did the trick. 

And yes, I know - any time an apostrophe is used to make a word, acronym, or letter plural, a puppy dies. I have that poster in my cubicle. ...for anyone who caught that.

Moving forward, lots of phonetics!  Thanks for that link, Ashley - very helpful!