Text variable is showing incorrect slide when I want it to show correct slide.

I have a slide where I want the user to type in "wire" into a text box then click the submit button. If correct, it will go to one slide, if incorrect, I want it to display another slide. Oddly, it is always displaying the incorrect slide. If I delete the incorrect slide trigger, it displays the correct slide without an issue. I have adjusted the order of the trigger to make sure the "correct" text is on top, but it does not seem to matter.

I am attaching a video that shows the dilemma.

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Adam Collins


Thanks for the input. I can't change the triggers to be AND, because it is not possible to meet all of those conditions. Let me explain.

In order to match the software simulations, I needed the text boxes to not have any text text displayed. Because the text boxes default to "Type your text here" that would not give me a blank text box. So I pressed the space bar in order to make it appear that no text is displaying in the box when in fact, it is displaying a space. However, because a user will not see the space, they may type their answer with a space before, or after their text input, depending on where they click. So I made the answers trigger with any of those methods. (The third method is without a space in the wording)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

You should be able to remove the default text, and not have to include a space. 

Since something seems to not work right when you do that, are you able to share a copy of your .story file so that we can take a look at what you've set up? That'll help us offer some additional ideas or troubleshooting to have this working as you'd expect. 

Adam Collins


Thank you for looking into this. I will attach the storyline file for you all to look over, however, I found out the problem and how to reproduce it, and how to work around it.

How to cause the problem: insert a .png image first, then create a data entry box for text.

Ways to work around the error: create the data entry textbox, then create a solid and move it behind the text, then insert the .png file.

also, if you can tell me how to make a blank textbox without adding a space, I would be very grateful!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adam,

It looks like this file may be a different file than the video you showed above. 

There is no slide layer/feedback on the slide you've shared here.

I made some modifications based on how I understand your description.

Let me know if the attached file helps or if I need to take a look at something else.

Adam Collins


I modified the project because I didn't want to provide more internal company data than necessary to show the issue at hand. The issue is still present in this project. When I am creating the slide, the text is in the top left of the text box, however, when I preview the slide, the text shoots itself to the center left. I want to know how to avoid that happening other than a random work around that required me creating a solid first before inserting a .png.

Also, is there a way to make the text be blank without having to put a space in the default text box?

Phil Mayor

For the video you show have you tried removing the conditions from the incorrect trigger, and then moving it above the correct trigger (which you keep the conditions on.

As long as you have the correct set to hide other layers then incorrect will always show but will be hidden if the conditions for correct are met.

Phil Mayor

The other option is to create a variable (let's call it correct and it is a boolean set to False).

Then set these triggers on submit

Set Correct to False

Set Correct to True if var === wire OR etc...

Show layer incorrect if Correct is === True

Show layer incorrect if Correct is === False

Either should work