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Feb 02, 2018


I am midway with an assessment type of project in Storyline 2.  I am seeking some suggestions in tackling a quiz that requires text input from the learner to trigger a pass, in addition to selecting the correct answers within the quiz.  I've attached the file in hopes of a solution or easier approach to handling the requests for this project.

Thank you kindly,


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Noel

I only shared the link in case it wasn't what you are after.

Here is the .story file.  I duplicated your slide, removed the freeform as it was then converted it back to a Pick One so it changed your custom feedback layers to the default ones but should have left all your other layers as is.

I also added selected states to all your checkboxes and named them in the timeline (so I could make sure I had the correct ones in the triggers)

It is the second slide. Just copy your feedback layers from the first slide onto the second slide and you should be good to go.

You might need to reduce the font of the 0.5 answer so they can see what they enter into that field.

Also even though 0 is showing in the numeric value fields they still need to enter 0 into the last field otherwise it will give the 'Invalid Answer' popup

Shout out if you don't understand what I did.


Noel Perez

Hi Wendy,

Okay, your explanation made sense.  I replicated it from scratch and it's triggering an Invalid Answer.  Even after selecting a few answer, I would have expected to see an Incorrect Answer rather than an Invalid one.  Also after selecting all the correct answer, it didn't trigger a Correct outcome.  Did I miss a step somewhere? 

Thank you,


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