Textentry's - how to display in lowercase only

Apr 21, 2015

Hi there,

I have a text entry field where the learner would type in for e.g "Apple". I am then displaying feedback with the word Apple in a sentence but would like it to display in lower case rather than with the capital A.

Any ideas on how to make this display in lower case only?

Thanks :)

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Nikki - I think one reason that it is not working is that there is a mismatch between the variable names you are using for your text entry fields and the variable names you are calling in the JavaScript. Your variable names are TextEntry, TextEntry1, TextEntry2 but if you look at the JavaScript you are calling ENTRY4, ENTRY5, ENTRY6.

Also, in Michael's script he is setting the variable to lowercaseText. This variable needs to be different for each instance of the JavaScript you are running  so you can keep it as is for the first one, but for TextEntry1 you should change it to lowercaseText1 and for TextEntry2 you should change it to lowercaseText2.

Finally, on your feedback slide, you need to add %lowercaseText%, %lowercaseText1% and %lowercaseText2% to display the text.



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