THAI language breaks in IE & FF - Latest Storyline 360 update (Feb 18 2020)

We're currently working on a THAI course - Publishing v2 - All looks OK.

Publishing some changes for v3 we noticed that many objects now look empty (no text) in IE 11 and FF (latest version). 

  1. In HTML5 - Text looks scrambled (symbols on top of each other, odd spacing, etc).
  2. in FLASH version - Text disappears (empty objects).

Reverting to previous Storyline 360 version (Jan 28 2020), republishing and everything looks OK again.

We also tested this publishing older courses that previously looked OK, and in latest version of storyline 360 we can reproduce all the issues mentioned above.

Publish settings:  Classic Player - HTML5 + Flash


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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Aukalen!

What you're describing sounds similar to an open in Storyline 360, which results in missing accent symbols. However, you mentioned misplaced symbols and spacing, so there may be something else going on.

Would you be willing to share a sample .story file with our Engineers? They'll let you know what they find and delete it after. If that works, you can share it privately by uploading it right here!