Thank You for 2 features in Update 4

Nov 14, 2013

Want to thank everyone for adding the following two features in Storyline, UPdate 4:

Show / Hide All

Lock / Unlock All

I have been a user of timelines in Adobe products for many years. Adding these two features is an extremely big time saver for me (and others I am sure).   Thank YOU>>>>>>>>>>>.


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Michael Fimian

I agree w Steve;  these may seem like minor update features, but they really move the workflow along...

Nothing worse than reviewing a finished SL just to find that a text filed or graphic or two is missing.  This happens esp. on slides w lots of objects;  turn one off to edit something under it and  *poof*  It's gone if you don't scroll down the stack to assure that everything's is turned back to visible.

Same with the lock all feature: in the last stages, when you're satisfied with a slide, you can lock it with a single click.  During final reviews you can visually see what slides are done and pass on immediately to the next slide...

Bot time savers!

Thanks Dev Team!


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