That feeling when you (finally) get REALLY COMPLICATED variables/triggers to work

My client wanted to create a self-assessment where there would be 10 topics. For each topic the learner would:

1) Rank themselves on 4 competencies to equal a total /12

2) Answer 10 questions on that topic (Of different types TBD LATER)

3) Have a map image on each Q slide where the learner moves from space to space along a series of 10 spaces

4) To allow the learner to skip the rest of the Qs in a section if they answered 3 wrong.

4) Have a result screen after all 10 topics that displays all 6 self-assessment scores beside all 10 question scores as a comparative.

Given that I didn't want to do all the programming 10 times (and storyline was mean and wouldn't let me trick it by moving my scene to another file changing the variable name and bringing it back in!) I had to get creative. 

First: I made the moving map exist on the slide master. It took 30 triggers but it meant that if the client changes the Q type, I won't have to redo it or copy and paste it around. Which images are shown/where is controlled by the total of Variable CurrentQsAnswered.

Second: I made the four different Q types and put trigers on the feedback-correct continue button to add 1 to CurrentCorrect and 1 to CurrentQsAnswered when clicked, and on feedback-wrong continue button add 1 to CurrentWrong and 1 to CurrentQsAnswered. 

Third: I made a lightbox that appears when CurrentWrong variable changes to 3 that let's users skip the section

Fourth (so I wouldn't have to redo the variables for every section) on the last question I had the following triggers on click of the continue buttons (correct/incorrect) (to "clear" current numbers for the next section while still retaining the totals):

  • Add 1 to correctcurrent (only when clicking the correct continue button)
  • Set correct1 to = correctcurrent
  • Set correctcurrent = 0
  • Set wrongcurrent = 0
  • Set CurrentQsAnswered = 0

Fifth: I copied the scene and all I had to adjust was one variable (Correct1) on the final question.

Sixth: I did the same idea with the confidence totals.

Sixth: I made a results slide that displayed sliders set to the totals for all of the confidence and correct totals. I put a transparent box over the sliders so it couldn't be changed.

Phew. This is definitely the most complicated thing I've ever done. But it's awesome to know that Storyline can do it!

(Also if anyone has advice on how this could be done simpler, I'm ALL EARS)


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