The audio on my slide layers are repeating when being viewed for the second time

For some reason the audio is repeating about the first second when you view the layer the second, third, etc time.  The first time you visit the layer it plays just fine, but when you go back to it from another layer it repeats.  I have five layers and only one is doing it.

Thank you to anyone that might have an idea of something I can try.



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Kerri Bishman

Good idea, but I thought of that already.  I just came up with a work around.  I put a little square off the slide and started it just after the slide starts.  Then I added a trigger to play media (of the audio) when the square timeline starts.  It seems to be working.  I swear this is a bug ‘cuase randomly when I was adding the trigger I saw “sound 1” listed twice and then I checked again and it was only listed once.

Thanks so much for the suggestion Wendy!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kerri,

If a file is behaving oddly, you may want to confirm you're working locally as described here.  As Wendy mentioned you could also look at importing that one slide into a new project to see if it resolves the behavior.  

It sounds like you've got yourself covered with the workaround but if you'd like us to take a look just share the .story file here. 

Alisa Perlstein

I know this is an old thread, but I had a similar issue. I have 7 layers on a slide and they are made to play one after another with a audio narration. 

Base layer plays fine, timeline is done, Layer 1 begins and audio sounds like this: "Tripping haz-tripping hazards can sometimes"... and it repeats same behavior on every single layer of that slide. 


I used Kerri's solution, set status of one of the objects to hidden, then set a trigger when timeline on layer starts - set object status to normal, then a second trigger to begin Audio 1 when status of the object is normal. 

Audio issue = solved. Thanks Kerri!