The blurry Screenshots in Storyline output

Hello everyone,

We have some trainings to use a lot of screenshots. I made the player size to "fit to the browser"

I realized that screenshots quality is not that good in other monitor.

So what happens is...

1. I took a screenshot in 1366x768. (Full screen)

2. Cut some parts from the screenshot in Photoshop

3. I added the screenshot to my story. I sized down slightly.(Didn't change portion)

4. Published


1) on 1920*1080 monitor, it looks blurry

2) on my laptop 1600*900: Not super good but, it looks okay.

---- my story size is 960*540(16:9), image quality setting is set to "Maximum"


How can I add best quality screenshot images in my story?

1. Do I need to lock the player? 

-- If I should lock the player, then what resolution I need to stick with..?

2. Is there any way I can improve screenshot quality while I'm keeping the player fit to setting?

3. Do I need to make story size bigger?


Any tips or other walkaround to make the quality better? Any related information would be helpful.


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Soogyung Gwon

Hello Lesile!

Thank you for the reply.

We're doing some experiment to see what happens if we lock the player.

Do you have any suggestions for the size? What size can be the best option to have?

There are too many monitors and resolutions we need to consider, but there would be a standard and good generally for it.


Soogyung Gwon

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Ryan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry to hear that you're funning into an issue with blurriness.

Is that simply a screenshot image or are you recording your screen? I do see an issue for Screen Recordings entered as Try Mode, but wasn't sure if that was the same issue.

If you have a .story file that we could take a look at, that would be helpful as well.