The content published from Articulate storyline 2 is not working on iPhone 6s


There are couple of projects I want to see on my mobile (iphone 6s) but it doesn't work. Is their any issue with the IOS of my phone?😔

I also tried to install articulate mobile player app but it doesnt allow me to do that as it only for IPAD.

Earlier, when i was using Iphone 5s, i was able to access the content from my phone but now i can't.

Please help??

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Ivan Noel

Sure have! I have wasted 2 days trying to sort this out!

The issue is that I have hundreds of .story interactions across many
different sites and not using your LMS. It takes approximately 5 hours to
scan my 6T drive and even then it fails. In addition
- There are significant bugs when converting from SL1 to ST2

There must be another way! Please advise.