The correct answer has different hover state in multiple choice quiz questions

Hi there, 

I am having trouble with my quiz in storyline. When I preview the slides the correct answers all seem to have a slightly lighter hover state than the incorrect and I can't seem to work out why!?

Here is a link to the course



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CITAVERDE  Bedrijfsopleidingen

Hello Ashley,
I seem to have the same problem. I selected the same purple colour for all answers for the hover and seleted states. But when previewing (and also in the published content), the correct answers have a darker hover colour... Please see the .story file attached. What goes wrong?

CITAVERDE  Bedrijfsopleidingen

Thanks. I looked at thosed hover colors many times and even when using the same #code and same %transparancy, the correct answer would be slightly darker when previewing. When you select another answer to be the correct answer in form view, this answer will be the darker one. So that seems very strange. Anyhow, when not using transparancy the problem doesn't seem to occur, so I will do that. Thanks again!

Crystal Horn

Ok, I didn't notice a difference in hover color with a multiple choice question that I built from scratch with adjusted transparency to match yours --on the radio button text shape (80%), on the slide background (100%) or in the Player Properties slide background settings (100%).  I could not get my correct answer to show darker in the hover state.

I did notice, though, that the radio button answer choices had been customized a bit - the text space was a different size on your correct answer (mag nooit) than on the incorrect answers; and even within the states of "mag nooit," the hover state size of the text space and even the radio button, are slightly different than normal or selected states.

If you were to rebuild that slide, even with the transparency settings, are you still seeing the same issue with the correct answer showing as darker?  And, could you please describe the steps you take in building out that slide so we can reproduce?  I just want to rule out the possibility of a bug!

Thanks so much, Sanne!

Kimberly Wittrock


A coworker and I were troubleshooting this very same issue this morning (where the highlight for the correct answer was darker on the hover state). I found the issue and it's very easy to resolve, so I thought I'd share.

The issue is that the Initial State for the Correct answer choice is set to Selected. If you change that to Normal it resolves the issue.

I also downloaded and Story file that CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen and Sheena shared to see if that was the issue as well. I found the correct answer choice in that file was also set to Selected for the initial state. Once I changed it to Normal it resolved the issue. Hopefully this helps and saves you some time and headache in the future. 

Carolyn Lim

Thanks Alyssa for looking into this.

The colour in the hover state for the correct answer is in a different shade.  If I change the correct answer from initial state 'Selected' to 'Normal' as suggested above,  SL does not know which answer to mark correct.

I'm new to SL and I may have missed out a small detail.

Thank you for your help.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look Carolyn. I could see where that would certainly be frustrating, but I bet your learners would love it ;)

So, this is happening for 2 reasons:

  1. The initial state of the correct item is a different/darker color
  2. The hover is actually a transparency overlay

Here's how to solve:

  • Remove the transparency from the hover state

I've corrected the first question in your file and re-attached for you to take a look.