The Correct / Incorrect layers in my Quiz look wrong!!

Oct 25, 2013

I just spent the last two hours writing up over 30 quiz questions, and now in my preview, I'm noticing the correct/incorrect layers look all wrong. What the heck happend?? In the 20 storyline modules I've created since first beginning with this product, I have NEVER had this issue!! I'm kind of panicked because I'm supposed to be finished with this today, and I really don't want to have to start all over... please help!! Thank you.

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Chrisanna  Hibbitts

Well, dangit, now that feedback thing for the Correct / Incorrect responses is showing on ALL my layers. I have seriously never had this much trouble with layers and feedback slides. When I choose to hide the background graphics, my quiz backgroound on the feedback is blank. When I choose to show the graphics, the same graphic shows up in EVERY layer in the regular / non-quiz slides. I'm so frustrated I feel like I'm just going to have to start from scratch & do the entire module over again... but I know there has to be an easier solution. Can you all please help?? Thanks again.

Chrisanna  Hibbitts

Unfortunately, I can't share the story file because it has confidential company information on it.

I think because I was working with multiple versions (trying to fix the issue), I messed up what was in the Feedback Master during a copy/paste of one of them. I should know better! :(

I basically just made all the Feedback Master slides blank, and in all the Correct/Incorrect layers in the quiz, I made it so the base layer objects were hidden... so now it's just a white background with the feedback and Continue button.

Took some extra work, but I made it work. Thanks, everyone!!

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