The course doesn't resume properly once it's completed


I want my course to behave a certain way and can't seem to find the proper parameters to achieve it:

The first time users enter a course, they have to follow a specific path (restricted). 

The second time, I want the users to be able to navigate freely through the content. However, on the LMS, if they decide to go back to the beginning of the course, it's as if the Completed status is forgotten and users have to re-do the course again.

How can I fix this? We have read a lot of posts on here and we've tried a couple of things but we can't seem to find the right recipe.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amelie,

There isn't a way to adjust the navigation methods once the user has completed the course, but if you're allowing the user to "resume" and they choose yes or are forced to resume, it should pick up where they left off and allow them to navigate freely based on the restricted status and seeing all the other slides previously. 

In regards to the LMS status, you may want to connect with your LMS team, as often it's forced it "review mode" as described here so that the user can't inadvertently change their score.