The disabled NEXT button is not changing its state to normal once the interaction is complete

Dear Storyline community, 

My colleagues and I were hoping you could help us resolve a recurring issue. We've been creating interaction slides in which the learner needs to reveal slide layers by clicking objects on the screen. The user is not meant to advance to the next slide until after all layers have been viewed. 

In order to do this, we have been creating a trigger that disables the NEXT button when the timeline starts, and another trigger that changes the NEXT buttons state to 'normal' once the state of each of the clickable objects is 'visited.' It sometimes works in preview, and most of the time doesn't. 


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Tess Richardson

I've also had trouble getting consistent results using that same method, Sharina.

An alternate method is to create a number variable, create triggers for each on-screen clickable element to add 1 to the variable when clicked, and set a trigger for the Next button to change its state when the variable is equal or greater than x. (x is the total number of clickable elements you have on the screen.)

The only problem is that a viewer can potentially click just one element the necessary number of times to make Next active, but I think it's unlikely someone is going to work that hard to figure out how to game the system....and if they are, they wouldn't bother reading the layers in any case!

Sharina Menke

Thanks for your solution, Tess. We do find that Storyline detects the state change consistently when variables are used.

We decided to use True/False variables and include a trigger on each layer that changes the corresponding variable to True once that layer timeline starts. On the main slide, there is another trigger to change the state of the NEXT button to Normal once all of the variables are True. Maybe this method will work for you!