The HTML5 Text Mystery - Spooky Stuff Right Here!

I just wanna vent a little with ya'll in this ever widening mystery. We have tried to publish this file on 4 machines and we get the same results. It's a funny little thing that happens - the font face will appear to be heavier in HTML5 generation while the flash side of things, displays the text appropriately.

So I went on this thing called the internet - I don't know - maybe its a passing fad, but it had all these articles about Articulate users experiencing some wonky font issues, but nothing like mine. And I read how the support staff is aware of these issues with some fonts and they are working on it. Those responses were more than a year ago.

I wondered if anyone else ever experienced this and found a work-around (besides using another font :P)? It's quite annoying - like my mother-in-law. Oh geez, don't get me started with her.

You can see the pic I attached. Its some spooky stuff!

Thanks for letting me vent and any feedback would be nice.

Happy Friday!

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