The lack of their PDF from "eLearning Uncovered" for 360 / 3

eLearningUncovered says they are not updating their awesome PDF full of Resources and References for/from SL 2 (in their "FreeResouces"). Is there are a list of OR there are any new Event and or Action Type Triggers? (pg 13) . I found a Quick Chart for Characters (but circa 2012).

(whispers) Found pg 274 and the buttons/markers look  UNchanged, FYI.



PS. Or how about Action Button and Trigger Support but for StoryLine 360?

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Helen Tyson

The only new action is "Complete Course" that allows you to set the completion mark on a specific slide, rather than a slide count or quiz.

New events are:

  • "Dial Turns" - same as the slider moves event but linked to the dial interaction
  • "Objects Intersect" - when the boundaries of object cross either by animation or drag/drop
  • "Object Intersect Ends" - when two objects move part
  • "Object Enters Slide" - entrance or motion animation bringing the object inside the slide boundary
  • "Object Leaves Slide" - exit or motion animation moving the object off the slide