The LMS we utilize doesn't support .gz files. How do I remove them and still allow them to work on mobile?

The .gz files appear in the mobile folder. When I remove them as directed by my LMS provider, the mobile portion doesn't work and the file doesn't work on an iPhone/iPad. Is there a solution, or way to publish storyline 360 files without the .gz files? Or remove them in a way that allows them to run as mobile?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robby,

When Storyline publishes, it'll need to have all the published files and folders created uploaded to the intended publish environment to have it work properly within each device and output. I can't speak to removing them, but hopefully someone here in the community has been able to accomplish that and is able to share here with you any other next steps! 

In the meantime, what LMS are you using? Is it the HTML5 output or the Mobile player that is causing the difficulty? Could you try publishing for the alternative and see if that changes the behavior? Here's an article on all the publishing options available. 

Robby Vega

Hi Ashley, sorry about taking so long to reply. Our LMS is from Brainier, called Elan. We have to manually delete the .gz files, and it's working now. They only accept AICC and SCORM. Am I losing any ability this way? It seems to work fine now after I remove them. Is there a format I can use that doesn't use .gz files?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robby,

No worries at all - we're always seeing replies!

I haven't heard of that LMS - but AICC and SCORM are two of the standards we support. 

The published output folder will create a collection of files, all of which are required for proper playback (from Articulates point of view). I know some users have mentioned removing Flash files before with good results, but it's not something I can weigh in on. 

Hope others in the community can share what they've done in that set up!