The most fundamental font question for Storyline 360 (HTML5)

Hi there.  Would someone please supply the answer to this question?  Maybe this has been answered but I can't find it even though I see plenty of discussions on the topic in general.  But someone might ask, "How come my fonts don't work?"  And the answer will be, "Have you tested...?"  But my question is about the actual architecture in the first place, so to speak:

When I zip up an SL file, and that file is uploaded to our LMS, and then some user is watching the SL presentation on their computer, where are the fonts coming from?  

I could be mistaken, but I gather that the fonts are not really in the SL file but rather they are served up on demand, so to speak.  But does this mean that the CSS in the SL file is pointing to a font library that Articulate is hosting?  

Put it another way: Where do the fonts live and how are they getting to the user's computer?  

Really need this technical information for multiple developers.  

Thanks for reading.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi David,

Thanks for contacting us with your questions.

Where do the fonts live and how are they getting to the user's computer?  

In short, the fonts live in the packaged Storyline output file. They are served up to the user as WOFF fonts via the browser they are viewing the content with.

This article should answer all of your questions:

Learners See the Wrong Fonts or Missing Letters in HTML5 Courses