The New Trigger System

Aug 25, 2020

Why can't I set my system to use the Classic trigger system.?

The "New" trigger system doesn't offer any access to operators so you can adjust a variable with an increment or decrement. It also doesn't offer the "When" feature. If I am missing where to find this I hope someone can help. Since Storyline 360 doesn't have built-in variables for layer count and total layers (at least that I could find), I am trying to create my own, but there is little control over it to automate to some extent.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Bill,

If you click on the increment in your trigger, you will then be able to adjust it. Similarly,  if you click on the When option, you will have control over that as well:

I agree, it's not immediately obvious when you look at the trigger, but if you hover over them with your mouse, the items you can click on will show up underlined. If you look closely, you will also see that the text is a slightly different colour.

A word of caution if you are perhaps looking to use layer count as a way of checking if all layers have been visited; this will not differentiate between all layers being visited once and the same layer being visited several times. To get round this I always use a True/False variable for each layer (changes from True to False when the layer is shown) and then set my trigger to show a Next button or jump to the next slide, for example, when all the variables are True.

Bill Vernola

Thanks Ned! I looked a little further after reading your reply and noticed the "Set" when using the Adjust variable trigger. When I clicked on that, the options for Add, Subtract, Divide, etc. appeared.

What I wound up doing is setting the variable (LayrCnt) to 0 at the start of the timeline on the base layer, and then when the advance button (I used a right pointing arrow) is clicked I use that as a trigger to Add 1 to LayrCnt. Alternatively, if users click the Left arrow to go back, I subtract 1 from current LayrCnt.

Thanks again for the shook some brain cells loose.

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