The old drag and drop dilemma.

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a simple drag and drop interaction where this happens:

1. User drags a silhouette photo to a box and a slide layer appears with that colleague's details.

2. Silhouette photo returns to it's original spot on the main slide.

I can't seem to get this to work. Must I create a freeform quiz question? If so, I still can't get this to work! I've attached my SL3 slide. Help!

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Teresa.

Thank you for sharing the .story file!

Since the learner doesn't have to submit anything, I'd remove the freeform interaction:

Windows 10 (1) 2022-05-11 at 3.13.35 PM

You can add a Line Motion Path that starts and ends in the same location for each of the silhouettes:

Windows 10 (1) 2022-05-11 at 3.12.29 PM

On the layer, trigger the animation when the user clicks the close button:

Windows 10 (1) 2022-05-11 at 3.11.52 PM


Screen Recording 2022-05-11 at 03.15.27 PM

I hope this helps!