'The project file could not be saved. GDI+ could not load image from file.'

Apr 24, 2019

I've been getting this message when I try to save a file. I've created a new file and copied/pasted the content into it, but am getting the same result:

The project file could not be saved

GDI+ could not load image from file. Cache count: 51. Total undisposed cache objects: 51.

Does anyone know what the cause might be, and how I can remedy this?



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Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Alyssa!

I tried the import option rather than cutting & pasting the content, and that did the trick. Not sure why I didn't do that earlier--probably the effect of working until 4 am too many nights in a row...

The recovery version contained all the changes I'd made, so I haven't lost anything. 

I really appreciate the help!


Alyssa Gomez

Hey, folks!

We just released another update of Storyline 360. That release includes a fix for the issue where you would see a “The project file could not be saved. GDI+ could not load image from file” error when saving a file.

To take advantage of this fix, follow these steps to update your software. Let me know if you have any questions!

Dab Sarecki

Hi all,

Just found this discussion as I am also getting the same error message when I go to save except I have 8 cache counts!

I can see there is an update that I tried to run but it requires me to close the program. I'm not really able to close the program however as can't save my work :(

Do we know what this message is in regards to? And what I can do to save the updates to my work in order to run the update? 

Looking forward to a potential solution!

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