The Scroll Bar and Audio

A client just reviewed the first module in a series and made a comment that the scroll bar went to the end, but the audio continued.  I figured out it did that because I have layers and have audio on those layers.  He felt that those slide(s)  were not "professional for an online training." 

The scroll was at the end, but the slide wasn't.  Any suggestions as to how to handle this? 



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Ren Gomez

Hi Norma,

Are the layers appearing based on learner selection, or is it more based on timing. If it's time-based, you can extend the timeline on the base layer to include the length of the audio on the layers.

If the learner triggers the layer, would it be possible to select Pause timeline of base layer on the slide layer properties?

For a better idea of what you're experiencing, it would be helpful to see your course. If you're comfortable with sharing your .story file publicly, you can do so here by clicking on Add Attachment, or you can also share privately here, and we can provide some suggestions!

Norma Kaplan

Hi Ren, thanks for getting back to me. I extended the timeline for the entire slide on some of my slides and it worked. I have it set that they can't go to the next layer until all the audio is played. I will share one slide privately.  Because I would like to know how you make use of "Pause timeline..."  I haven't used that.