The State changes before the trigger jumps to the Next slide



I am using Storyline 2 to create a course which has icons on the menu slide.

I have added a trigger to the icons so that their state changes to visited once the user clicks on them.

However, when viewing the course on chrome the state changes before the trigger jumps to a new slide. 

Is there any way that I can stop this from happening?

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Matthew Bibby

It is behaving as it should, however as the new slide takes a moment to load, you see the state change to visited before it jumps to the new slide.

If you wanted to, you could remove the default visited state. Then, you could add a custom state and trigger it to display when the timeline starts if the icon has been clicked on previously (use a T/F variable for this). I know this is a hassle to set up, but it's an option.