The Storytine 3 timeline is not syncing with the video

I have created a video player that will play the video and highlight the associated steps text when the audio begins. I used Adobe Audition to identify the times when the audio starts for each step. However, when I preview the video the step highlight is about a half second behind the audio and incrementally gets worse as the video moves on. Does anyone know what would cause this? Thanks for any help in advance.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm happy to look into the syncing issue with you.

Are there pause points in the content? I ask because we're looking into an issue in Storyline where:

  • Behavior: Videos can get out of sync with the timeline when the timeline is paused at certain points
  • Workaround: Split the video by segment

If that's not it, are you comfortable with sharing the .story file? We'll dig in to see what is happening and will delete the course after. You can use this private upload link.

Michael Pegues

Hi Katie, 

There's a pause button, but I haven't seen that function mess with the timeline. 

However, I downloaded the June patch for SL3 and that fixed the timing issue. IDK if Articulate fixed something in this patch that caused the timeline to go back to normal. 

Thank you for your response.