The survey results on Moodle LMS

Hello Community,

I'm going to run piloting session on few courses prepared in Storyline 2. The courses are uploaded on the Moodle platform.

The main purpose of the piloting is to obtain feedback from users. I prepared short questionnaire containing questions with Likert scale as well as some open questions allowing for free comments (e.g. 'what would you like to add to the course?', or things like that). The survey finishes with the 'Survey result slide'.

Unfortunately the report provided to the Moodle and then displayed on the Moodle platform is not very legible (contains a lot of additional numbers, letters, signs etc.).

My questions are:

1) how to adjust the survey in the Storyline2 to provide to Moodle only this information, which is necessary (e.g. when setting options: 'Publish > reporting and tracking >LMS reporting'; is it better to set 'Report status to LMS as: complete/incomplete or maybe it is irrelevant?)?

2) how to adjust Moodle platform to obtain clear results of survey possible to be imported to Excel sheet? [OK, I know it is not Moodle forum, but I suppose there are many users of this LMS here]

I would really appreciate any suggestions in regard to the above problem.

Thank you in advance.

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