The trial duration is short, too short !


I have Studio and SL installed on my professional computer at my office in my company.

To improve my experience and share ideas with Articulate users I navigate during the week end on the Heroes forums.  

Of course, I have installed on my personnal computer at home the Trial version to test what I can read on the forum or to post examples of what I do.

But the trial lasts only 30 days. It is too short !! How to continue after 30 days ?

Why Articulate doesn't propose a trial version unlimited in time for registrated users, or a trial version limited in terms of number of slides in a project, or propose save limitation,  and so on ... ?

What do you think about these proposals ?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

If you have questions about extending your trial or need additional time, you're welcome to connect with our Support team.  

I suspect the reason we don't limit the features, slides, or save limitation within the trial, is because we want folks who are using the trial to experience the full version of the software, see what it can do and can't - and test it under your real world conditions (# slides, lms, etc.). 

Hope that helps and feel free to let us know if you need anything else. 

Ricky Nox

Hi Phil,

My goal is not to produce courses with the trial version because I have the full version at my office. But to keep a trial on my personal computer to be able to use it at any time from home to increase my knowledge about it, to test something before answering a question on the forum, to test examples given by heroes on the forum.

You right, about the other software. But some software add a banner with a text like "This is a non registered version" on the publish content. 

Finally, this non registered banner, could be a good solution.What do you thnk about it ?

Thanks Ashley for your tips. I will contact the support.

Ricky Nox

Yes I know this possibility to install on 2 computers. It is clearly a very good point for Articulate EULA.  In my compagny I have installed one SL1 licence on a fixed computer and the second one on a laptop used when we go to customers. But the laptop is not for use at home... and at home I want to test SL2 and become an heroe.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

The super heroes are selected by our Community team based on awesome examples they share and their continued support of other community members by providing assistance, ideas, workarounds, etc. I don't believe there is a general timeline on when or how often they're selected - but keep posting and helping out others and you'll be on your way!