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I created a kind of lazy template for the slides in my course. That is, I'm just creating new modules by writing over a copy of an old one. I recently worked out how to change all of the theme colours and was very happy to finally have a highlight colour in my quizzes that matched the corporate colours I need to use. All has gone well so far with this new module, but I've just created a brand new slide (rather than the duplicate-edit process) in my quiz and now the highlight colour is a light blue again, which I think is the default. The correct colour theme is selected and there is no light blue in my theme! I've tried just selecting the theme again anyway and applying it to the slide, but it didn't change. What do I do? If it makes a difference, the new quiz slide is a matching drop-down type.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Jacinta.

Have you checked out our Tutorial on Working with Theme Colors?

If you've followed these instructions and the problem persists, I would recommend zipping your .story project file and your .xml theme file (instructions here on locating the theme file) and uploading it to us so that we can take a closer look.  Thanks!

Lil Monk

Hi Justin.

I'm sure I replied to this yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have uploaded to the site.

I had already looked at the tutorial. This doesn't explain why the theme colours won't apply to a new slide.

I've also looked at the link you've sent for finding the .xml file, however the discussion on this link is rather convoluted. Which instruction did you want me to read? The simplest answer seems to be to find the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Articulate\Templates\Themes\Theme Colors folder, but I can't access this myself on my work computer. I may just try to re-design the slide another way.

Justin Grenier

Hello again, Jacinta.

If you are unable to access the \Theme Colors\ folder on your machine, there could be a permissions issue at play that is preventing the themes from being used within Storyline as well.  Are you substituting your own Windows User Profile name in place of the \username\ folder?

If you are unable to locate your .xml theme file, I would still encourage you to upload your .story project file to us for a closer look.  Thanks!