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Judy Nollet

Use the Master layouts to establish sizes for standard headers and body text. You can also format those text boxes, e.g., re: alignment and spacing.

To make it easier to insert new text boxes on a slide without having to reformat the text each time, create one with the formatting you like. Right-click it and select "Set as Default Text Box." From there on, whenever you insert a new text box in that file, it'll have the same text styling, background, and outline.

  • Note, however, that this doesn't copy the Format Shape > Text Box options (e.g., vertical alignment, autofit, and internal margins). So those would have to be reset each time.

BTW, if I know I'm going to sometimes reuse certain objects but don't want them on a Master layout, I create an extra scene, and put those objects on a slide there. Then I can quickly copy and paste the one I need that already has the proper formatting. This is especially handy if you want a text box with multiple formats, e.g., a centered heading followed by left-aligned text.