Theme Fonts Call Outs


I understand how to change the "theme fonts" for call-outs (I did a screen recording and auto call outs appeared).   However, when I created a "font theme" it created the "heading font" to "shadow" and the "body font" to "bold".  Is there a way I can edit the "font design" for the call-out so it removes the "shadow" and "bold" on the font for all call-outs?

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Dean DiMonte

Hi Leslie

Thank you for getting back to me.  Sorry you didnt understand my description.  I did review the post you linked, but I have attached a screen shot.  Notice in the screen shot the "call out" text is "bolded and shadow".   However, when I changed that custom "font" in the Design>Fonts it defaulted to a "bold and shadow" font.  I don't want that with the font.