Things I can Do In PowerPoint, Is It Possible In Articulate ??

There are a few things I can do in powerpoint, but I don't think it is possible in Articulate.

1)    In PowerPoint, I can edit the Video Object to have it display in full screen.   I believe that when I imported the powerpoint into Articulate, it will not display in full screen.   It is being limited by my Portrait Mode page Setting.    Is there a work around or something that will allow me to display the video in full screen ???

2)    In Powerpoint we can link multiple powerpoint presentations together.  This allows me to set one presentation to Portrait mode and the other presentation to Landscape mode.  If I was able to do this, I could put all of my video in the Landscape mode and this gives me the full screen display I want.    Is there a work around which I could mix both Portrait and Landscape mode on the same presentation ???   Or the ability to import into articulate two link powerpoint slides ???

As you can see from my set of questions, I have a Portrait mode presentation and I want all my video to be display in full screen when selected by the trigger event.  If I size the video to be wider than the Portrait page, the preview in articulate cut them off.   In powerpoint, it doesn't and I am able to size the video to be larger than the Portrait page width.

My video must be on a blank page because I add trigger events on the page to control what happens after the video.

I am looking for a method of getting my video to be displayed in full screen.

Appreciate any help on this subject.

Thank You,


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Phil Mayor


Storyline and Powerpoint are two separate products.  You could build two separate storyline files one in portrait and one in landscape and hyperlink to each course but you cannot have two different slide dimensions within a project

Its also not possible to display full screen video, the video is limited by the size of the slide in Storyline, you may be able to host it on Youtube and use the fullscreen button on tehre

Gary Wong

Hi Phil:

In your first sentence, you indicated that I can hyperlink two different storyline files (one in Portrait and one in Landscape).    I was thinking if I put all my material in the Portrait file and all of my videos in the Landscape file, then when I hyperlink to the Landscape file, it will display in the full width of the Landscape size - Right ????

If this is possible, is it possible to import into Articulate the two different files and keep the hyperlink that was generated in Powerpoint into Articulate ???    If they were in just one imported file, the links are keep in-tack.  Do you know how I can import the two files to have the links keep in-tack ???    I will have hyperlink from the first file referencing the 2nd file and the hyperlink from the 2nd file back to the first file ???

Phil:   I also ask a quest way back that you help me with and I had one addition comment to.  Can you please see this link below:

Re: How To Make Trigger to Move To Next slide like iPad normally does has a new reply:   It was related to 2 finger swiping.

Thank You - Phil