This Forum is Amazing

Apr 01, 2016

No question or discussion point here, just an observation.

I have worked in organizational communication for nearly 40 years. I have been involved in online communication since 1985 and in social media since its earliest days. I have been involved with more discussion groups, forums, and newsgroups than I could possibly count. Without any question, this is the most useful, friendly, communal group I have ever seen. I'm even a certified Lithium Technologies community manager, and I still haven't encountered anything that rises to this level (The old CompuServe PR & Marketing Forum comes close, but not quite to this level, and it has been gone for over a decade.) The willingness to help, the friendliness, the frequent engagement of staff, and the level of participation is thrilling. I only hope I can get skilled enough at Storyline to start contributing answers rather than just asking questions. In the meantime, I just want to thank everyone here for what you do. 


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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Shel, I know! It's so great!

I had a phone meeting today with a bunch of developers (all using Storyline) and, because many of us were knew to the group, we all went round and introduced ourselves and what we did. About 80% of the group commented on the fact that they used to use 'another tool' (ahem) and had not enjoyed it (but did not use the word 'enjoy'!) and had switched to Storyline and LOVED it!

I am certain that a large part of that love is due to the amazing community of both users and staff, who are all so helpful and friendly. (and sure, the software ain't bad either ;) )

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