This might be a curly one: changing the default launch mode to HTML5 (not Flash)

Hi all,

Hoping someone will know about this: it is my understanding that when you publish a course, even if you tick the HTML5 box, the default launch mode is Flash, but goes to HTML5 if it detects that there is no Flash player, right?

My client wants their course to launch to HTML5 even if there is a Flash player, by default. They are launching this product in schools, and they are having problems with less-than-ideal internet speeds, bandwidth, too many people on the network at once, etc. and in their preliminary testing found that HTML5 works much, much better.

Any ideas on how to do this?


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Veronica Budnikas

Maybe not such a curly one!

Thanks Stephanie, that worked. I tested in SCORM Cloud and most things were OK. Had a few issues with the glow effect looking a bit funny, the speed of a few animations was not quite right, and for some reason the RETRY QUIZ button didn't work, but at least I know this is one solution :)

Thanks again!