This really should work

Hi everyone

I have a simple interaction that isnt working like I feel it should.  Slide 5.1 has a layer that should appear when timeline starts.  I have a trigger set up that it should only appear if all of a set of variables is false.  When the user clicks a door, it takes them to another slide.  When they return, that variable is now true, thus the layer should not appear.  This really should work, but obviously not.  Thanks for the help.


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Jerry Beaucaire

Your "show untitled layer" trigger is using OR to string the conditions.  Should that be AND?   If you change it to AND then the layer will no longer show after you have visited at least one of the doors.

OR means the layer will show every time until all the doors have been visited.


TIP:  you could use a STATE to change the look of the doors that have been visited by detecting the value of those same conditions.   Maybe just color them "grey" or something.

Tom Kuhlmann

I didn't look at it in detail, but here's my guess. When the slide is being revisited it's in a resumed state so it's not reloading. If you set the slide properties to reset it to initial state, it should work.

Also, why did you set the t/f variable to toggle? Seems it should be set to true when clicked. No big deal, but just curious.

Jerry Beaucaire

This may be the long way.  An easier way may simply be:

1) Untitled layer shows itself with the existing trigger, remove the conditions, we won't use them.

2) On the untitled layer, set the layer to hide itself when the timeline reaches the end so the popup fades away on its own.

3) On the base layer, set the properties for that slide to "Resume Saved State" when revisiting.  So now that layer won't pop again.


Be sure to set triggers at the end of the door scenes to bring you back to this hallway.  For instance on the feedback layers of 4.8 the "Jump to Slide 5.1" is needed.