This should work differently...

So...I group two objects:  a picture and some text. They become one object named group 1. Group one has a trigger assigned to it. I decide that the picture should be something else, so, I ungroup them, right-click on the picture, and choose "Change Picture" (awesome feature, by the way!). I change the picture, select both objects, right-click, and select Regroup under Group. This group has a new name now (group 2), and the trigger that was assigned to group 1 has been lost. 

What is the real difference between Group and Regroup? They seem to do the same thing. When I see Regroup, that sounds like I am restoring the group that I previously destroyed. And, if I am restoring the group, then I should be able to retain the name of the old group, therefore retaining all properties, triggers, etc. that belonged to it. I think this sounds logical :-) If someone agrees, should I request it as an enhancement?

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Linda Lorenzetti

Jessica, when it says regroup, it recognizes that it was previously grouped, it doesn't mean that the triggers will be restored. 

Next time, keep things grouped, but click on the image you want to change in the group.  The image should have a solid line around it, the grouped items should have a dotted line around it.  Right click the image and swap it for another.  Your group will be intact and so will the triggers.