"This type of video file isn't supported." message showing on WebObject video in Edge Browser

I currently have a course hosted on Articulate Review (https://360.articulate.com/review/content/296a4fed-4257-4981-aa02-a967e36d4fea/review). I'm displaying the videos as WebObjects to keep the file size down. I'm viewing the videos without issues on my machine but when a colleague views on hers (we are both using Edge) she gets an error saying "This type of video file isn't supported." 

From what I can see from talking to my IT Department the security permissions on her machine differ from mine in that Flash is disabled, however the SCORM appears to be trying to play the Flash version of the video and so returning this error. Is there a way of communicating to the browser that it should play the non-flash version of the video to avoid the error appearing?

Thanks for the help,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

I tested out your Review link in Edge as well - and that played normally for me with Flash disabled, so it seems like there may be something else here. Have they looked at her Edge version or any other security settings that could be blocking external content?

You mentioned the SCORM object - do you mean that your colleague can't view it when it's uploaded to your LMS, or that they can't view it when inside Review (Review doesn't publish as SCORM)?

Ian O'Leary

Hi Ashley,

Apologies for the confusion, my colleague can't view the video when the SCORM is on the LMS but she also can't view it when reviewing through Articulate Review. We're experiencing the same issue with both. I figured it was easier just to share the Review link with you.

Yeah, my IT team have confirmed that there are additional security settings in place that is affecting the flash video playback (other than just setting Use Adobe Flash Player = Off in Edge's Advanced Settings, attached).

They are going to send me the details of the security settings we are using as well as the users version of Edge. Once I have those details I will send them to you.

I suppose my concern is that other students of ours could have similar security settings in their workplace which could lead to a number of users experiencing the same problem.

Will keep you posted!

Thanks for all your help!


Ian O' Leary

Hi Ashley,

We've done some internal investigating and it looks like our html page that drives the WebObject is causing the issue.

We host all of our movie files on Adobe Connect and have them appear as WebObjects by linking to a local html file that displays them (iob_video_webobject_index_html_file.zip attached).

As you'll see this html file has flash references in the code so we think this is what is causing issues with the internal policy.

Storyline is trying to play the HTML5 movie but the flash references are causing the policy not to want to play it so we have no video displaying.

This html page is a number of years old so I think it probably needs to be updated.

If I select HTML5/Flash fallback in my publish settings will storyline automatically encode my Connect hosted MP4? Meaning I don't need such a complicated html page? I could just create a simpler version to display the Connect video (which Storyline will playback in HTML5 and Flash browsers?

Is there any information available on how best code a WebObject to display an externally hosted movie file that will play across all browsers?

Thanks for all the help,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

Storyline will only re-encode videos or audio files that are inserted directly into Storyline, not those linked as web objects. 

Could you look at hosting the content on a video site such as YouTube or Vimeo? Those sites do a really great job with overall playback and bandwidth issues and should prevent users from running into issues based on Flash and their browser as well.