Thousands of images compressing upon publishing an 18-slide project

Hello, I have an 18-slide Storyline 3 project that, when publishing, takes forever because it says "compressing image (number) of 2693 images. I don't understand how an 18-slide deck can possibly have 2693 images to compress. I am concerned it will affect loading time for the finished module when learners take it. Can you help me figure out why there are so many images to compress in such a small slide deck?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Susan!  Thanks for sharing your .story file.  I published it for web to see what the output folder contained for images, and I found lots of these files:

Those are the images of the buttons you used on the majority of your slides in the first scene.  Those buttons are stops on the timeline.

And each of those buttons has built in states that are included:

What's happening is that each one of those states has to be saved as an image in the output so Storyline knows what to display.  So multiply 5 by every time you have one of those red dots on a slide get the idea!  ☺️

I don't believe this folder of image files will impact playback of your course.  It took some time to publish and to upload to my testing environment here, but playback appears to be normal.

I hope that helps!

Jonathan Samonas

I hate to resurrect an old thread but... I can't seem to find any more recent threads with a similar issue.

I'm compressing an absurd amount (~6,000) of images in an HTML5-published course that consists of an intro, ~40 question slides, and a results page. Does publishing to Review still generate images for each of the states for all of the buttons in the course?

Joe Tansengco

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, images in your slides with states will create a separate version of the states as images file when your course is published. Here's a screenshot of a quick test that I did to confirm this behavior:  

Are you having any troubles publishing your courses to Review 360? If so, you can share your course here's and we'll be glad to help check what's happening.