Three different versions in one?

Hi all, my company is getting ready for a user conference in a month and they want me to create a simulation that could be used in the following ways:

1 ) Kiosk Mode - Mouse movements and closed captioning, but no audio.

2) Kiosk Mode 2 - Mouse movements and audio, but no closed captioning.

3) Guided by Employee - No mouse, no audio, no closed captioning. An employee of our company would stand in front of a group and talk about what they are doing, and it would advance when they pressed the spacebar or clicked the hotspot.

Is there a way to hide the mouse/display the mouse?

Is there a way to hide audio if you don't want it played?

Can this be done in ONE Storyline 360 scene? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jim!  Sounds like they've given you a tall order, so let me see where I can help.  😊

To answer your last question first, you could certainly build this in a single course by having each "mode" be an individual scene.  Upon launching, you could have a main page where the user selects from Kiosk 1, Kiosk 2, or Employee Guided, and branches to the right scene accordingly.  

If the simulation will be very complex or potentially need more than one scene, better to make it in three distinct courses.  The same applies if you just want to load the simulation automatically without having to choose the mode.

On to the details...

If you are using Storyline's screen recording tool, it'll be super easy to record the process once, and use that simulation multiple times in the same course.  Each time you insert the screen recording, you choose whether you want the hint captions or mouse cursor to appear.

Something to note - if you insert your screen recording as step-by-step slides, audio won't be included.  You'll add audio to each slide if you would like narration on each step.  Closed captions will only appear on the player for those slides where you've chosen to include them.

So, yes, it's definitely possible to achieve what you'd like!  Record your screen once, add it into three separate scenes, and make your modifications to each.  I know you can do it, and this awesome community will be here to help along the way.  😊