Three iPad topics

Hi all,

I have build several courses in SL exceeding 300 pages and it still keeps impressing me. Specially the navigation tracking All for use on iPads as my clients love it and it is a good selling argument. Three items came up.

1. Hotspots bij markers sometimes tend not to work very good in SL. I cover the marker with a triggerd shape without fill/outline. Do the same for lightbox and cover the whole lightbox by the shape as the window close button not always do the job.

2. Volume. I have not found a way to adjust the volume except bij the hardware button on the iPad. How to adjust the volume on screen is my question.

3. 360 degree pictures. Viewing the latest issue of Wired I noticed an add of a small car. After clicking on it a light box popped up allowing me to view the interior by 360 picture. I have experience with this type of photography and know that some software allows to put hotspots in the rotating pictures. This takes interactions a step further. Most of the where flash based but are now html5. Question: is there a way to import a 360 picture into SL. This would give some awasome results I think.

Thanks for any input!


John Pieterse

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Dave Mozealous

Hi John,

Glad your clients are loving the app!

To answer your questions/concerns:

1.  I am not totally sure I understand the issue here.  Would you mind submitting a support case to see if our support team can help you out?

2. Yeah, currently we only support the hardware volume button.  From our experience people prefer and find the hardware volume button moreintuitive than the software volume buttons.

3. Have you thought about inserting it the 360 image as a web object?  That should work as long as the 360 image isn't Flash based...


John Pieterse

Hi Dave,

Thanks for yoyr feedback!

1. Sorry if I did not explain it clearly. Hotspots and triggers work perfectly in window/explore setting by mouse and touchscreen (Win7). However when launching it to an iPad hotspots created by shapes and buttons work fine. The problem occurs for hotspots made with markers and lightbox. When touched on the iPad they sometimes work and once, sometimes after touching a few times and sometimes they do not work at all. The malfunction for the Marers on the iPad is random so yoy can not specify specific markers. I am using an iPad2 and worked my way around the problem by covering the marker with a hotspotted shape without filling or lines. This by the way works fine. As stated earlier, this problem only occurs with the iPad, not with a touchscreen wiyh Win7. It looks as if the hotspot of the Markers are not that well adapted by the IOS as for example the pre-build buttons or shapes.

2. Clear and understood.

3. Thanks for this advise! I'll look into it and revert back!

Best regards and thanks again!