Three-part exam simulation: Listening, Reading & Writing

Hello Heros!

It's been a while since I've been here, but I have started a new project for the online simulation of a state English exam with Listening, Reading & Writing components. 

If I could get your suggestions on how to technically organise the example below, this would get me started. I've been searching the posts but decided to ask directly.

This is what I need:

  1. I need all of the questions on one slide if possible (could they be on different layers with buttons to navigate between the questions?)
  2. I need the students to be able to listen to the recording and navigate between or see the questions without interruptions.
  3. I need different timing parameters; 2 minutes before the recording, 4 minutes after the first listening the 1 minute after the second listening.
  4. I need the students to be able to change their answers withing each listening activity with a submit button that records their answers and takes them to the next listening activity.
  5. I need each of the questions to return correct or incorrect status with results shown at the end of each module without feedback for each slide. There are three different listening activities in the Listening Module.

The following is a sample listening activity:


Directions: You will hear an article about the famous Stanley Hotel twice. Before you listen to it, you have 2 minutes to read the questions. While listening for the first time, you can look at the questions and the suggested choices, but you are not allowed to take notes. When you hear the whole text, you have 4 minutes to answer the questions on your answer sheet, choosing among A, B, C or D. Then you will hear the text again and will have 1 minute to check your answers.

1. The Stanley Hotel has become an attractive tourist destination because it is

A) presumably haunted by ghosts.

B) one of the most luxurious American hotels.

C) situated in the Rocky Mountains.

D) an old place of great historical interest.

2. The Shining is

A) a romantic short story by Stephen King.

B) a horror novel by Stephen King.

C) a famous movie shot at the Stanley Hotel.

D) an adventure movie inspired by the Stanley Hotel.

3. The famous writer Stephen King stayed at the Stanley Hotel with

A) his wife.

B) his wife and son.

C) his family and friends.

D) a few other guests.

4. The concrete inspiration for The Shining came from

A) the spine-chilling reputation of the hotel.

B) the overall haunting atmosphere at the hotel.

C) a scary dream that Stephen King had at the hotel.

D) a ghost Stephen King actually saw in his hotel room.

5. The Stanley Hotel offers

A) piano music concerts in the middle of the night.

B) ghost performers roaming the empty hallways.

C) horror movies on the fourth floor for the brave.

D) guided ghost tours of the hotel for its guests.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome!!!


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