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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Liz!

I wanted to point you to some helpful information on how to design a branched quiz in this forum thread, as well as this one. The LMS can only track one Results slide, so ultimately you'll need 4 Results slides: one for each of the three quizzes, and one to combine the results of three quizzes as shown in this tutorial.

If anyone in the community has designed a similar quiz structure, let us know how you did it!

Liz Langham

Hi Alyssa

Thanks for that - it's the way that we have done it in the past. 

My issue is that the learner only needs to go through one of the three routes and quizzes and I can't find a way of getting the course to report completion as each learner takes a different route. I've done it by adding a confirmation/declaration slide so the learner can only access the final results slide by passing one section then has to complete a Yes/No question to trigger the Pass/Fail and save the training record.

A bit clunky but the only way I can achieve the result - but if anyone knows a better way.....