Three Quizzes in One Project

Dec 04, 2014

I am designing a training program within the industry of healthcare that contains three pathways of content: one for a hospital employee, one for a clinic employee and one for virtual employees. Ideally, I would like to have three separate quizzes for each section, with the option for employees to go through all three pathways, or just two or just one and take a quiz for each. 

Is there a way to direct all three quiz results onto one result slide and successfully have their LMS recognize each result, even if the quiz wasn't taken (e.g. they passes the clinic test but receive zeros on the hospital and virtual because it didn't pertain to them). I am looking to consolidate the content of one topic for three audiences in one module, while also allowing their LMS to report on who has taken it and their score. Any help is welcomed!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachel,

A results slide can track one quiz, or multiple quizzes throughout the course, but you can only report one final score or completion to the LMS, as we don't support tracking multiple SCOs (although there are some unsupported methods here). 

For the quiz questions that the user doesn't see/answer, it'll be marked as incorrect upon visiting the results slide, so in terms of reporting it to the LMS "successfully" it'll depend on your needs - if you can set the pass point at say 33% meaning, that they likely at least got one entire "quiz" correct, that may work. Otherwise, you could also look at using more than one results slide and report a master results slide to the LMS as described here. 

There have also been a number of threads where users discuss ways to track the results correctly if a user only completes one quiz. This thread is one of the many ones that discusses a similar idea - although this one is focused on different languages, instead of different topics.

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