Thumbnail view in Storyline Player?

Jul 22, 2014

Hi all,

In Storyline, is it possible to include a thumbnails tab view in the sidebar, as one could with Presenter?

For some of our more linear projects, we'd like to include that more visual way of browsing and navigating the content as a review tool.

If this isn't possible, we would love to see this feature added to future versions.



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Robert Lengacher

Kevin, I don't this this is a supported feature in Storyline. For some projects I've created a pop-up menu on a layer that the user could trigger that includes visual navigation. To do this, you could include an clickable icon on the slide and add a trigger to show the visual menu layer when the button is clicked. The images below show an example slide with the menu hidden (Image 1) and shown (Image 2)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

It's not currently a feature within Storyline, although if you'd like to see it in an update, you'll want to share your thoughts here with our product development team in the form of a feature request.

Robert, great looking example! If you're able to share a .story file that others could use as a template that would be awesome, and I can see a lot of users appreciating it.

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