tick box scoring

May 19, 2013

I am looking to have a score for each tick box. I can configure it so that it scores for an individual tick box but I need to have 3 which actually provide a tallied score. I could have each element (i.e. gender - age - fitness level) on a seperate pages but it wouldn't have the same effect.

So for example: a user may tick male - <18 years old - reasonably fit. Each one of those boxes would need to be ticked and each tick box would have an individual score which would ultimately need to be totalled.

My main question is: is it possible to have each element work as a set on the same slide?..or would I have to have each element on a seperate slide?

Any help appreciated

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Michael Hinze

You can create three button sets (select a group of buttons, right-click and create a new Button set) for the categories, assign values to category-specific variables (e.g. clicking "unfit" sets a fitnessScore variable to 10) and then do some simple math to calculate your score.See attached for some ideas.

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