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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle,

Here is a description of how they'll each work:

Tile - will drop on top of your target so that just the corner edge is showing, kind of like fanning out a deck of cards.

Stack Random - will have the object appear on the target, but in no particular location.

Stack offset - will have the object appear on top of the target, offset just to the right a bit

Free - will place the object on top of the target wherever the user lets it go

Snap to center - place the center of the object over the center of the target

Hope that helps clarify! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Walt,

Hm, stack offset still seems to work the way I described almost with a combination of tile in the sense that they're offset but like a deck of cards - whereas tile is laying the items one next to the other on top of the target. My apologies - and I'll leave it as is with this updated explanation - and you're welcome to leave your post here as well.