Tim Slade Call Center Challenge Learning Template -Help Request

May 08, 2015


I am repurposing the template that Tim submitted and made available for download for a course on performance error conversations (supervisor to warehouse worker).  I have been able to change most of the characters to a pose without the headset, however, on the select a scenario slide I am unable to change the pose.  I am assuming it has something to do with the states but I can not seem to figure it out.  Can you help me understand how to change the character pose from at desk with headset to at desk with arms crossed?

Your help is appreciated.


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Dayle Kozlowski

Here is my file (see upload)- I have been working to change it to be non call center oriented.  I have been able to switch images but it is not working correctly.  It looks different when you view the slide in development mode with the states and timeline than when you preview the scene.  Once you pick an avatar it gets wonky too.  Not sure what to look at.

Here is a link to the original template: https://community.articulate.com/articles/call-center-support-elearning

It is the second example in the challenge recap- Call Center Training Demo

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