Time as a condition to pass the test


I have build a quiz with a timer. When the maximum time has elapsed, the user can still complete the quiz. Now the scoreslide doesn't include the maximum time the user can spend on the quiz.

So how can I make the 'time spend' a condition to pass the test? And how can I communicate this time to the LMS?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jolien,

There has been an issue reported to our QA team regarding the quiz timer not stopping the user from continuing to advance to other question slides or answering the current question. I don't currently have a time frame to offer regarding a fix, but will include this forum thread in the issue reported to our team. 

In regards to passing a duration on to your LMS, you'll want to test this on your LMS to see if it includes it in the completion data, but there's an option to include elapsed time on the result slide. 

Also, by default, Storyline will send the latency data to your LMS, allowing you to determine how long the user took on each question within your course.