Time Estimate for Learning Development

Dec 07, 2015


I'm posting this for E-Learning Heroes Challenge 109 - Cheat Sheets.

This spreadsheet was originally developed by Owen Holt (You can find his original spreadsheet as well as a 3-part screenr series explaining how to use it here). This is a spreadsheet that calculates the estimated time and cost it would take to develop E-learning training (depending on the length of the module you were developing).  I am currently employed as an Instructional designer, so I edited the spreadsheet to only estimate time, and not cost.  I use this to make estimates when our implementations team comes to us to develop training for a new product.  I have a calculator that estimates development of E-Learning, and one that estimates instructor led training.

It's based on Chapman's research on how long it takes to create learning.  You input how many hours you plan to spend on the various areas of instructional design, and it give you a "modifier" (this is how many hours it will take you to create five minutes of learning).  You can use the suggested modifier, or put your own in the spreadsheet and the remaining tabs will display the estimated development time.

Once again, 98% of the credit for this spreadsheet goes to Owen Holt.  All I did was remove the cost and create a separate version for instructor led training.  I encourage you to view Owen Holt's original post on this and watch his screenr series. 

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