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Apr 09, 2014

Hello there, 

I would like to ask about the time limit. is there any way to put end of a quiz when the time limit is finish.

i'm sorry if there are already other people asking about this, but i'm very grateful if u can answer this question again. Coz for now, i am really new in this SL.

Thank You

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Khusairi and welcome to Heroes! 

There is a known issue right now where the quiz timer finishes yet the user is able to continue and not immediately directed to the results slide.   It'll be fixed in the next software update for Articulate Storyline. Enable the Check for updates at startup feature to be notified when the new update is available and we'll also try to post an update here in the forums. 

Khusairi Che Husin

Thanks Ashley for the answer, so for now are there any other solution that can be used to do such as trigger when the time limit is over?

coz if can, i would like to have incorrect answer to appear when the time limit is over for the rest of the answer which did not answer.

i am very grateful, if u can give some answer or opinion.

Thanks in advance. 

Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey khusairi! 

1. Create a new layer on the quiz slide

2. Set the trigger on the slide "Show layer when the timeline starts"

3. Adjust the timeline of the layer to 1 sec.

4. Create a new variable in the layer.

5. Add trigger on the layer "adjust variable...add...value...1...when time line ends....of layer"

6. Set a second trigger on the layer "jump to slide...(u have to enter the same slide on which layer's u r working...i.e. if ur slide is named for example assessment...then enter assessment in the slide field...)....when timeline ends

7. Apply a third trigger on the layer "Jump to slide Result Slide when variable changes if variable = (the time you want to set i.e. say u want to end the quiz in two minutes so set the value to 120.)

8. Repeat the process for every quiz slide.

9. On the result slide add a trigger "Set the variable = 0 when user clicks review quiz button).

Notes: Let the properties of slide and layer be set to default i.e. when revisiting decide automatically. If you want the timer to display on the quiz screen, add a text box on the layer and make a reference to the variable.

I have attached the file for ur consultation.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Khusairi,

The time amount within the quiz timer is not a value that is accessible within Storyline so there isn't a way to set up additional triggers based on that. I've seen a few users create their own timers and then are able to draw on those variables. 

Here are some discussions and examples that may help:

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If you'd like help with creating a custom timer, it may help to reach out to other community members in our Building Better Courses section.

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