"Time out" Setting

Hi everyone,

We are building some on-demand learning activities and the ability for the system to save the learners  work so they can easily jump back in where they left off is essential...however, I'm wondering - will the learning object "time out" after an extended period of time (of inactivity) and force the learner to start at the beginning if they enter in a few weeks, months, etc later?...and can the length of time before reset be customized?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Meghan!

You can control what happens when a learner reopens a course. Check out this tutorial for more details on the resume behavior setting. 

While Storyline doesn't enforce a time-out limit, your learning management system might have that kind of limitation. 

Reach out to your LMS administrator, and they should be able to point you in the right direction!

Gerry Wasiluk

It would be good if even if you force resume, that we could optionally display the resume message and customize it to what we need.

There are times when, like with a complex game interaction, that you need to ensure certain custom variables are not reset to default values, and, for that, you sometimes force resume.

 And, if the learner had first launched the course days or weeks or months earlier (YES, this happens!), having the resume message optionally show would be a very good thing, reminding the learner that they had previously exited the course and are being returned to where they left off.  Sometimes busy learners forget and might possibly get confused when re-launching the course . . .

To not have the resume message optionally appear when resume is forced is a big defect, IMVHO.  :)